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"The shutdown was about more than just healthcare, it was about, sort of, a contrast in visions about what our obligations are to our fellow citizens," the president said at a fundraiser at the home of Karen Mehiel on New York's posh Upper East Side.
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The Sebelius character offered a few tips for people trying to apply for health care under the new program. Among them were "restarting your computer," and "signing up in a different language." The skit ended with the Sebelius character starting to warn consumers not to do certain things on the website "or you will die," only to have the screen suddenly freeze, abruptly ending her message.
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And then let's look at his record. He led a really inexperienced side to the Africa Cup of Nations title in South Africa at the start of 2013 - and it was the first time for 21 years that a black African coach won the cup.
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SMITH: He was doing framework, and he helped put up the first wall, and they're building a new house for a gentleman who's lived there for 64 years and never been flooded, lost his home. Somebody actually asked him if he enjoyed doing what he was doing, and his response was no, he says, I'd rather be doing the meticulous work. He says my hobby is building furniture, which I never knew, but that's a good things to know.
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In Germany, energy firms that sell fossil fuels are already taking a hit on their profits because green energy is pushing wholesale prices down. Is it any wonder that most of the Big Six energy firms and Chancellor George Osborne – who all appear to be fixated with gas – are against a decarbonisation target?
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The MTA has identified nearly 600 different points, such as stairways and ventilation shafts, where flood waters can spill into the subway station in lower Manhattan alone. Systemwide, there are nearly 200 critical facilities that need storm protection improvements, officials say, including stations, fan plants, train yards, electrical substations and emergency exits.
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While there's a huge gulf between benchmarks and real-world usage, synthetic tests do give us a good metric by which to compare different hardware platforms, and results for the new iPad Air suggest that Apple's flagship tablet is significantly faster than previous models.
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Some local people say they doubt the project would generatemany jobs, or that they are qualified for them. If there is tobe progress and investment, they say they would prefer avegetable processing plant, abattoir or wind energy park.
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Anshur was fired last May following the alleged incident and was fined more than $1,500 by the city's cab regulator, but White and McCrea also decided to file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights.
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The Milwaukee-based company is recalling the ready-to-eat products after the FDA found contamination through microbiological testing. There have been no reports of illnesses due to consumption of these products.
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Anyone who hasn’t had such a sorrow needs only to apply a smidgen of perception to imagine how it feels. Whoever was dealing with this at the Halifax clearly did not do this and so they said they would sort it out but didn’t follow it through.
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Under questioning by Republicans in 2010, after Obamanominated her to be Fed vice chair, Yellen said she and otherregulators failed to "connect the dots" between loose lendingpractices and a overpriced housing market.