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Turkey is not a European-style Democracy. That should be the first criterion in deciding whether a country gets to be in the EU. As Giscard d'Estaing said regarding a possible Turkish membership: “It will be the end of the European Union.” The Turks will descend en masse into Europe and that'll be it. They don't even have to put up a fight at the Gates of Vienna. Given the difficulties, esp in Germany, with integrating the current Turkish immigrants, this issue should be a major cause of concern in Europe.
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Pelengaris says he hasn’t spoken to the mayor about the grading system. “We try not to approach him and talk to him about that kind of thing,” he said, adding that Bloomberg hadn’t been to the restaurant in about a month. “It’s frustrating but what can I do?”
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Barnett says it is wrong to say the Royal Charter crosses a new line. There are already reams of legal controls - defamation, contempt of court and national security laws - that constrain what journalists can publish, he argues. "The notion that we are free to publish anything whatever harm might come is not true in this country or any other, including America." He says the new system will "promote good journalism" and protect the press from litigious groups of people. It will also giving people wronged by the press a chance to set the record straight. "We need the recognition body because the last 80 years is a cycle of repeated abuse." A graphic example is the story of how a tabloid journalist dressed as a doctor to take photographs of Gordon Kaye in hospital following a car crash, he says.
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"I'm confident that we will make the system fairer for anyone being automatically enrolled into a workplace pension and will finally address the issue of charges which has been neglected for far too long," Minister for Pensions Steve Webb said.
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"With purchasing power currently being limited by consumer price inflation running well above earnings growth, it is likely that many people are feeling the need to rein in their spending at least temporarily, particularly if they want to build up their funds for spending over the Christmas period.
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Cuomo and the Legislature earlier this year were already forced to roll back a centerpiece provision of the gun law — one that required that no ammo magazine be able to hold more than seven bullets. Cuomo said the requirement proved unworkable because most manufacturers don't make seven-bullet magazines.
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However, India's economy grew at just 4.4 percent in theJune quarter, its slowest since early 2009. The 5 percent growthrate recorded in the last fiscal year through March was theweakest in a decade.