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However, spammers won’t be opening the champers anytime soon. The company will not offer the algorithm commercially, it will be used for research and it could be deployed more widely. For example, one security expert says the algorithm could help improve the reliability of optical character recognition solutions used by banks and other institutions to scan cheques and documents.
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Many Uighurs complain of strict controls on their cultural and religious activities and say the benefits of economic development in Xinjiang have gone disproportionately to migrants from China's ethnic Han majority who have flooded into the region.
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"It's not clear what other bad conduct will be taking place, whether it's some kind of exotic financial instruments being passed to or through financial institutions through fraud," Bharara said. "But FIRREA becomes an all-purpose vehicle to get at all of those things going forward."
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“I don’t know if fortunate is the right word,’’ added defensive end Justin Tuck. “If we were fortunate we’d be 6-2. I guess in that sense we did dodge some bullets, I guess. It’s still a long road to get where we need to get.’’
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"Promoting everyday NEPA might be as important as recommending regular exercise for older adults" -- boosting individual and population health as the demographic shifts towards an ever-older population in many parts of the world, the study said.
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Recent independent moves by SAIC outside China had been seen by some industry insiders and experts as signaling the two companies might be drifting apart, but GM's top China executive said it was merely a consequence of its state-owned partner's growing maturity as an automaker.
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DIC, which restructured $2.5 billion in debts last year byagreeing to extend maturities for five years, has a portfoliothat includes stakes in British engineering firm DoncastersGroup, U.S. hedge fund Och-Ziff and German aluminaproducts maker Almatis.
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The new gas row with Russia has flared amid tension overUkraine's plans to sign landmark agreements with the EuropeanUnion on association and free trade next month - something whichhas dismayed its former Soviet master.
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“Over the past year, Penn State has instituted more than 115 changes related to safety, human resources, security, compliance and governance,” the university said in a statement. “Through self-imposed urgency, the Board of Trustees, administration and staff have brought sweeping reform and best practice processes to nearly every aspect of the University's governance and oversight.