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The Second Circuit clearly and carefully identified and applied these principles as have the many other courts that have confronted the issue since the Citizens United decision. The judges should be praised for defending the First Amendment and applying its protections on behalf of the people.
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There also may be little the Fed can do about the fact that Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs have far wider leeway to operate in commodity markets than their rivals, because of a quirk in the banking law.
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Anthony was a worthy MVP candidate when he made his teammates better and the ball moved. Whether it was because of a bum shoulder or he just wasn’t cut out for the task, he wasn’t as dominant against one of the league’s premier defenses when the Knicks couldn’t win Game 6 in Indianapolis.
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-- The public should be consulted before any change tolisting rules at the stock exchange, said Financial SecretaryJohn Tsang. The comment came after e-commerce giant Alibaba saidlast week it was delaying plans for an initial public offeringto allow the controversy over its preferred share structure todie down. ()
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Shares of Apple Inc rose 0.8 percent to $529.88ahead of the release of its earnings, expected after the bell. While Apple's advance helped the S&P 500, theconsumer staples sector index, up 1.2 percent, gavethe index its biggest boost.
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STOCKHOLM - With 100 million people logging on every day for a fix of its games like Candy Crush Saga, global gamemaker King is showing rivals not just how to hook players, but how to get them to pay.
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Three public meetings held over the summer with Chevron andenvironment agency officials turned into shouting matches.Deputy mayor Vasile Voina says he believes people "were notsufficiently informed".
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Rachel Weisz is extraordinary as Robert’s wife and Jerry’s lover, her face registering with exquisite exactitude every conflicted emotion Emma feels over the course of the seven-year affair. Mike Nichols’s devastating production is above all a showcase for this terrific actress.
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Steve and Maria Green say they are far from the only parents in the state facing an issue like this. Steve tells us they've been personally contacted by more than 30 families looking for help, fighting for their rights as medical marijuana patients.
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There has been a spike in violence around Afghanistan in recent months as the insurgents try to take advantage of a security handover from foreign forces to the Afghans. The handover is the latest step in the gradual withdrawal of troops from the U.S.-led international military coalition, which will be completed at the end of 2014.
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These small steps that indicate Twitter cares more about making the mobile experience a better one for users—and maybe those users will give up on third-party Twitter clients and return home to the nest.
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Improvements in Facebook's existing ad business, includingdeveloping better techniques for targeting ads at differentgroups of its 1.15 billion users, could also boost revenue, saidSteve Weinstein, an analyst at ITG Investment Research.
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TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - An organization representing more than 100 cities in Canada and the U.S. asked federal and industry officials in both countries Tuesday for action on the recently discovered problem of "microplastic" pollution in the Great Lakes.