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Think about it this way.  A vendor tells you they will install a device on your network that monitors all your email so they can insert their data into your emails.  They’ll do this for free – except they want to have unfettered access to all your emails and mine them for information about your users.  They don’t say what exactly they would store from each email, but just trust them to do the right thing.
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The Remote Sensing Package will determine global characteristics of the upper atmosphere and ionosphere. The Neutral Gas and Ion Mass Spectrometer will measure the composition of Mars' upper atmosphere. 
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One day after defeating the Eagles, 15-7, and getting back into a division race that they have no business being in, these Giants seemed to understand the treacherous road ahead. On Sunday night, they seemed elated to learn that a Cowboys loss left the NFC East up for grabs. On Monday, they talked only of what has to come next.
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The S&P/ASX 200 index rose 16.9 points to 5,432.4 by0009 GMT, hovering at five-year highs. The benchmark fell 0.5percent on Tuesday, but has risen eight out of the previous tensessions on relief from the end of the U.S. fiscal standoff andbetter-than-expected data from China.
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Odone was a World Bank economist, but most people know him as the man who created the oil that helped his son Lorenzo live over 20 years longer than expected. His family's story was chronicled in the 1992 film "Lorenzo's Oil" starring Nick Nolte as Odone and Susan Sarandon as his wife, Michaela.
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Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., has also defended the need for the NSA to maintain its data surveillance powers, and is expected to introduce a bill that would increase transparency but would maintain the agency's data collection powers. However, Feinstein called for increased scrutiny of government surveillance on Monday in the wake of reports that the NSA monitored U.S. allies including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
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FEMA is also still doling out millions for mitigation projects. Meanwhile, the Army Corps plans to spend at least $2 million on beach replenishment. And the federal Interior Department has provided $10 million for restoration projects, including repairs to Sachuest Point Wildlife Refuge.
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Fortis has been on hold since Louis came along, although she says ideas are starting to percolate again. But mainly she is just nesting, she says, talking enthusiastically about restoring a house in the hills looking out over Los Angeles and giving Louis 'his first big boy room’.
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Mozambique's economy is expected to grow 7 percent this year- one of the fastest in Africa - and investors such as Brazil'sVale, London-listed Rio Tinto, Italy's Eni and U.S. oil firm Anadarko have been developing some of the world's largest untapped coal and gas reservesthere.
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17. The Board should not have the power to prevent publication of any material, by anyone, at any time although (in its discretion) it should be able to offer a service of advice to editors of subscribing publications relating to code compliance.