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He’s just 44 years old and a grandfather and retired after the 2010 season after several false starts. In the same week the Rams reached out to Favre’s agent to see if he was interested in stepping in for Sam Bradford, who tore his ACL last weekend, he revealed he’s had some memory loss.
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The HIV bill is a comprehensive legislative proposal to address the problem in India. In 1989, when Dominic D'Souza was incarcerated under a public health legislation for testing positive for HIV, the position of the law on the HIV epidemic became instantly clear. Since then, people living with HIV and legal aid organisations have challenged such discrimination in various high courts. After the Bombay High Court judgment in the case of Mx versus Zy, which recognised the right to equality for government employees affected by HIV, several courts have passed similar orders. Some of these prohibit discrimination in police recruitment.
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The Communist Party, the last such party in the former satellite countries of the old Soviet bloc, finished third with about 15 per cent. The centre-right government at the centre of the scandal was trounced, receiving only 7.7 per cent of the vote.
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There is a shadow hanging over us during all of this, and that is Pratchett’s PCA. The disease affects, among other things, the visual centres of the brain, and the effect is quite noticeable. He struggles, for instance, to put his mojito on the table accurately; it seems as though he can’t easily tell where the tabletop begins and ends. In other interviews, though – even quite recent ones – it had seemed as though his mind was as sharp as ever.
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West, 36, said reality TV stars shouldn't be overlooked by mainstream fashion magazines and that Carine Roitfeld got it right when the former French Vogue editor put Kardashian, 33, on the cover of her eponymous CR Fashion Book.
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Last month, the commodities trader named Serge Schoen as thesupervisory board chairman of its commodities holding, a leadingstrategy role. The executive has in past said Dreyfus might needto go public, following rivals such as Glencore,sometime in the next five years to improve access to capital.
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After China's largest e-commerce company Alibaba abandonedplans for a more than $60 billion float in Hong Kong, the city'sfinancial secretary has backed calls for the need to changelocal listing rules.
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The Oakland, Calif.-based company can transfer your data to cloud services. Livescribe makes it a lot easier to back up your important notes. Once the data has been securely stored on the cloud, it becomes easily searchable and can be played back, organized, and shared. The target audience is on-the-go people, from executives to students. Those individuals don’t have to choose between writing on paper or writing on a tablet, as the Sky smartpen allows them to write an image on paper and have that image appear automatically on a tablet.
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Woods, who said he had picked up the cold from one of his children during his period away from competition, birdied the third, fourth and ninth to reach the turn at one-under, one ahead of his 24-year-old opponent.
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In Greece, in an atmosphere of rightwing extremism and growing racism, authorities have targeted the 300,000-strong Roma community, human rights groups say. “Roma have been persecuted [here] for as long as anyone can remember but they have been particularly scapegoated recently with camps being raided supposedly in search of weapons and drugs,” says Petros Constantinou, who runs the anti-fascist movement Keerfa.
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The Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects warned the Marmaray - set on a silty seabed 20 km from the active North Anatolian Fault - is at risk in case of a large earthquake, which geologists predict may strike within a generation.