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In earlier testimony, statistics office ISTAT said GDP woulddecline 1.8 percent this year. The euro zone's third-biggesteconomy will expand for the first time since mid-2011 in thefourth quarter of this year, ISTAT said.
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Our Solar system is a potentially world-altering place when it comes to asteroid impacts; planetary scientists continue to find plentiful evidence of multiple and massive asteroid impacts on other planets and the various moons that orbit them…And, of course, there is evidence of “extinction level” impacts occurring in the distant past here on Earth.
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Lester was lights-out once again for the Red Sox, just like in Game 1 at Fenway Park, just as he has been all postseason. He allowed four hits, and of those, only one — Holliday’s blast to a patch of grass beyond the center field fence — was struck hard. Lester did not walk a batter and struck out seven.
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The Big Board, run by NYSE Euronext, regularly does systems testing on the weekends, but this was the first time it had run a simulated IPO, and it did so at the request of its member firms - many of whom took part in Facebook's 2012 IPO on Nasdaq OMX Group's main exchange.
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The Knicks heard all summer and throughout training camp about how they haven’t done enough to gain ground on the Miami Heat — or to keep up with the improvements made by Chicago, Indiana and Brooklyn — in the Eastern Conference.
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In his published articles Chen accused Zoomlion of providing fraudulent accounting figures such as inflated profit data, and of a suspicious management buyout that caused "losses to state assets".
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In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan,Precedo Capital Group Inc and Continental Advisors SA accusedTwitter of using the aborted sale as a means to give themoney-losing company a $10 billion market valuation and higherIPO price.
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US service members say that the test used by the Defense Department measures the neck and waist to estimate body fat, which can easily lead weed out muscular or bulky physiques in addition to flabbier ones.
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OGX plans to file for bankruptcy protection as early asTuesday, three sources said on Monday. Executives, however, wantto exclude the company's OGX Maranhão gas unit, which is intalks to sell a stake to power producer Eneva SA,from the bankruptcy filing, one of the sources said.
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Many Uighurs complain of strict controls on their cultural and religious activities and say the benefits of economic development in Xinjiang have gone disproportionately to migrants from China's ethnic Han majority who have flooded into the region.
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Opinion polls put Margvelashvili, a 44-year-old former vicepremier, ahead of the two other leading candidates - DavidBakradze, a member of Saakashvili's party, and Nino Burjanadze,a leader of the 2003 revolution that ousted Eduard Shevardnadze.
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“The LG G Flex with its distinctive design, innovative hardware and consumer-centric user experience represents the most significant development in the smartphone space since smartphone became part of our regular vocabulary.”
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A Metropolitan Police Department incident report said two women asked Brown to be in a photo with them outside the hotel. He objected when Parker Adams, 20, of Beltsville, Maryland, tried to get in the picture.
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"You have to have three things: discipline, commitment and hard work," said Gebrselassie, a double Olympic gold medallist in the 10,000 meters, four-time World Champion over the same distance and two-time world record-breaker in the marathon.
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At the same time, de Blasio should learn from Obama’s self-professed failure to sufficiently communicate with the public about the policies he is pursuing once in office, even if he is unsuccessful in fully achieving them. One key to maintaining public support will be making sure that voters know de Blasio is at least attempting to fulfill his campaign promises. Indeed, after running a nearly flawless campaign, the last thing a Mayor de Blasio should falter on is messaging.