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The Warriors at least demonstrated that their starters could turn around a game in a two-minute span in the middle of the fourth quarter after trailing by 17. Then they got the rest that probably has been overdue since returning last weekend from a weeklong trip to China.
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Lockheed is developing three models of the new radar-evading warplane for the U.S. military and eight countries that helped fund its development: Britain, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Norway, Australia, Denmark and the Netherlands.
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Doctors and health-care workers have fled the country in massive numbers, and those who remain work under threat and without supplies as combatants on both sides have taken over or destroyed hospitals, U.N. humanitarian chief Valerie Amos said in an interview in Washington on Monday.
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A 17-year-old girl died after a tree fell onto the static caravan where she was sleeping in Hever, southeast England, and a man in his 50s died when a tree fell on his car in Watford, north of London, police said.
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The FDA meeting comes as federal health officials urge all baby boomers to get tested for the virus, which can go unnoticed for decades before causing symptoms. People born between 1945 and 1965 are five times more likely to have the virus than people of other age groups. Many of them have contracted the virus by sharing needles or having sex with an infected person in their youth.
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“There are so many things that you have to do as a head coach that you don’t have to do as a player,” Thorn continued. “How you gonna deal with all this stuff? You know, everybody thinks they’re going to be really good. They’ve made a huge outlay in draft picks and money to build their team. But they’re older. So there will be pressure.”
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Caused by a virus transmitted via contaminated food and water, it can spread rapidly among children, especially in the kind of unsanitary conditions endured by displaced people in Syria or in crowded refugee camps in neighboring countries.
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Britain has improved its competitiveness on business taxes with the proportion of profit taken by the state falling from 37.3pc to 34pc but the cost of electricity has soared from 72.3pc of income per capita to 91.9pc.
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The format of GTA Online feels like the setup for some grand punchline, a meta-commentary on the nature of what multiplayer games have become, riddled with the grind, the persistent unlocks, and the striving for some goal that is ultimately unfulfilling. You rob convenience stores and run away from cops in what should be a thrilling chase that has you ducking below an overpass to slip out of sight of the rozzers, and then cruising cooly into the night with all the style of Gosling. Instead they’re always halfway between a blunder and a chore, some hiccup of physics sending your previously graceful car careening into the night air, the beautiful illuminated backdrop of Los Santos spread out before you like so many stars, before your car flips and you’re forced to leg it away into the Vinewood hills.
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The Palestinians had long refused to resume peace negotiations with Israel unless it ends construction in territories that Palestinians seek for their state. Israel refused, insisting that settlements and other core issues, including security, should be resolved through negotiations.
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The World Series no doubt contributed to the stale atmosphere inside the Edward Jones Dome, where the announced crowd of 55,966 was in reality much smaller. Many of the fans who did show up wore Cardinals gear, and World Series highlights were shown on the big screen.
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"Award of higher production rates will be contingent oncontinued program progress," he wrote in the memo. He cited theneed for progress in software development, improvements in acomputer-based logistics system that is behind schedule, andresolution of several previously identified design issues.
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The Republican National Committee's "autopsy" report of the election called for massive improvements to the party's minority outreach efforts, but they have not gone particularly well so far. In 2013, Republicans have, among other things, stalled immigration reform and jumped on the chance to pass controversial voter ID laws, which Democrats say disenfranchise poor and minority voters.
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Indeed, Buchholz had been open — too open, really — in talking about his shoulder fatigue. Yet Farrell decided to start him, and as it turned out, the Sox were fortunate Buchholz was able to get through four innings while surrendering only one run, working out of trouble in three of those innings while able to throw his fastball mostly about 88 mph.
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“We hope that the mayor’s recent experience with his favorite restaurant will force him to eat his own words,” said Moesel. “Many low grades result from minor infractions not even related to food, but restaurants must suffer the consequences anyway.”
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It said the final decisions would be made by the captains and coaches of the national teams and international media representatives selected by France Football magazine. The ceremony takes place in Zurich on January 13.
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EU leaders will then discuss the proposals at a Brusselssummit in March ahead of a September summit hosted by U.N.Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, which is meant to pave the wayfor the next global U.N. deal in 2015.