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A Network representative is set to meet next week with Mark Lee, the chief executive of Barneys New York, following allegations from two black shoppers that they were detained by New York police and accused of fraud after buying luxury items at Barneys.
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Sussex Police said it had been a very busy night across the county and again warned people not to play on the seafront and risk repeating the tragedy of a 14-year-old boy feared dead after he was swept into the sea at Newhaven.
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"This would be, you know, catastrophic, if you will, for a lot of procurement programs. There would be a lot of glass on the floor at the end of this. You'd break a lot of things," he told reporters at a briefing on the 2014 defense budget.
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In contrast to the shadow cast over Europe by Hitler's plan for an atomic weapon, the three mirrors — ironically being remotely controlled from Germany — captured the sunlight and sent it in an ellipse that illuminated about one-third of the square below.
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“They’ve pretty much made it known in Philadelphia they’re trying to get the No. 1 pick for Andrew Wiggins and not holding back,” Sherman said. “Teams try for the draft pick sometimes late in the season, but they’re basically doing it the whole season.”
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For the past quarter of a century I have supported a rubbish football team. They lose more often than they win, they wear garish yellow shirts, their stadium is on a slope and it only has only three sides. I support Watford, an admission that is almost always greeted with a sympathetic smile, a pause, and the words, “Oh, I see.”
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“I do not admit guilt in full. I did not agree in advance with either [co-defendents Yuri] Zarutsky or [Andrei] Lipatov that Zarutsky approach Filin and splash acid on him...I did not have any hostile attitude toward Filin,” he told the court.
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When he reported to prison on Monday, "Congressman Jackson apologized again and expressed sincere regret for causing so much pain and sadness to his family, his constituents and his friends," according to a statement released by his family on Monday.
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For richer countries, it would only support coal plants that deploy carbon capture and sequestration, an advanced technology for reducing emissions that is not yet commercially viable. That essentially means the United States would limit coal funding to only the world's poorest for now.
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Purvin & Gertz nonetheless labels them "core refineries":not hugely profitable but ones the consultants expect to survivein the long-term and will still be needed to keep European andglobal markets adequately supplied.
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New York-based Aquiline has not yet hired a bank to oversee the sale which could fetch around 400 million euros ($552 million), said one of the sources, who wished to remain anonymous because they are not permitted to speak to the media.
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But we can't be the only ones making this comparison! See how the pale-colored pieces flake off all over, as if the pop star is some kind of shedding snake?! Here's hoping this spooky style has something to do with Halloween, otherwise the "Applause" singer has officially lost it, and that's saying a lot.
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Purchases at stores, restaurants and online are a key component of consumer spending, which was a big driver of economic growth through the first half of the year. But households appeared to grow more cautious during the summer as the labor market lost momentum and politicians in Washington fought over the budget.
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The study was published October 28 in JAMA Internal Medicine. The scope of online searches included in the study were taken from 2008 to 2012 across six languages including English, Chinese and Russian.