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If the government's September jobs number was any indication, economic data that is relatively within expectations, even if weak, will fuel investor confidence that the Federal Reserve will keep stimulating the economy at current levels.
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On the inside, the LG G Flex has a quad-core 2.26GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, along with 2GB of RAM, a 3,500mAh battery, and Google's Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean mobile operating system. LG has loaded the phone with its own custom features, including Dual Window for multitasking, Camera Timer, and Qtheatre, which offers quick access to photos and Youtube from the lockscreen.
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Ken Welsch, an administrative law judge of the OccupationalSafety and Health Review Commission, in 2012 upheld the OSHAcitations but downgraded one of them to "serious" from"willful," effectively reducing the fine to $12,000 from$75,000.
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“The LRAD is capable of generating sounds of up to 162dB, which is higher than the human threshold of pain (without ear defenders) which is generally regarded as around 130 dB,” said Jones. He said that† the sheer sound of LRAD – or Britney Spears’ voice – is not necessarily what drives the pirates away. It is the actual warning that those aboard are aware of the pirates’ presence and are well-equipped enough to be armed.
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Exuberantly embellished with golden onion domes and pink and yellow towers and turrets, Pena was built in 1854 by the flamboyant Fernando II on the ruins of an old monastery as a romantic getaway.
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The source said California prosecutors are monitoring the new case. Before he pleaded guilty to Rihanna’s felony assault under a plea deal that gave him five years of probation, Brown was facing up to four years and eight months in prison if convicted.
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While Line does not disclose its profit or loss figures, oneof the banking sources said one analyst estimate puts thecompany's annual net profit at $200 million in 2015. Applying aprice-to-earnings ratio of 50 to that projection would justifyvaluing the entire company at $10 billion, the source said.