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While Nelson and Marty insisted Friday's signal doesn't lockthe commission into a capacity market down the road, Andersoncalled it the start of a "very, very slippery slope with thepotential to destroy the economic engine that is Texas."
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Digs over the years have unearthed bones of mammoths, mastodons, saber-toothed cats, dire wolves and other unsuspecting Ice Age creatures that became trapped in ponds of sticky asphalt. But it's the smaller discoveries -- plants, insects and rodents -- in recent years that are shaping scientists' views of life in the region 11,000 to 50,000 years ago.
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Flug, 58, who has been acting governor since her predecessor Stanley Fischer stepped down in June, was chosen on October 20 to officially take over as head of the central bank, ending a rocky nomination process.
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Black-clad police special forces, many of them carrying automatic weapons, could be seen manning roadblocks and mobile command centres all along the G30 motorway which runs east to west through the desert.
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In her letter to Barneys, she cited news reports that two black customers may have been falsely accused of committing credit card fraud. She said the reports and “additional information” that her office reviewed “suggest that Barneys may be engaging in a potential pattern of unlawful racial profiling of customers.”
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With uncertainty over the raising of the U.S. borrowing limit temporarily resolved, investors have focused on other matters, notably when the Fed will reduce its mammoth monetary stimulus that has been a boon for stock markets.
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"I would advise that if a baby needs to be wrapped up to get off to sleep that parents do this in a sympathetic and loose manner, and not tight especially around the babies' hips," he said.
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The next election is not due until October 2015. Harper has a majority in the elected House of Commons, giving him effective control over legislation. Members of the Senate, which has limited powers, are all appointed.