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Police in the Sunni neighborhood said the leader of the Sunni "Sahwa" militia, Saeed Jassim, was not hurt, but the commander of the military battalion deployed in the region and his deputy were among those who were killed.
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The team dug a small trench across the mound and used radioactive carbon isotopes, or atoms of carbon with different molecular weights, to date the charcoal found in the soil. (These radioactive isotopes decay at different rates and can be used to date soils and objects.)
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The broad reform agenda is expected to steer the world'ssecond-largest economy, which is experiencing slowing growth,from a reliance on debt-fuelled investment to a more balancedmodel driven more by consumption, services and innovation.
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Crazy ants are an invasive species with the potential to altar the ecological balance of the United States. Where fire ants once flourished, they're being wiped out by this omnivorous South American ant. 
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After more than a year away from the sport, she capped her comeback season with a dominant victory at the world championships in March, where she scored 218.31 to take the title ahead of Italy's Carolina Kostner and Japan's Mao Asada.
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For example, one of the blood tests the researchers used measured an indicator of average blood sugar over the past three months. A normal score is 39 or less and anything above 47.5 is considered diabetic.
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The Army Corps of Engineers, for which the money was authorized, already has a $60 billion construction backlog, as a skeptical White House pointed out in its response to the bill's passage. Indeed, the bill passed by the House deauthorized dozens of projects that had languished for years, enabling House conservatives to say they were offsetting the cost of the new projects by sacrificing the old, justification for adding the word "reform" to the title of the bill.
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The discussions are at an advanced stage and the two partiesexpect to complete a deal before the year end, two of thesources said. The talks could still falter and no agreement hasbeen reached, they added.
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As the entire Internet now knows, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, a female student and a young male alumnus nursed their sorrow over the Bobcats’ loss by getting heroically plastered and then making each other’s acquaintance. The young woman perched on the narrow windowsill of a Chase bank near campus and the young man knelt on the ground in front of her and performed oral sex on her.
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The author of the latest report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) on independence has said using this single option to fill the fiscal gap is unlikely to be successful, and that it would probably require a mix of tax hikes and spending cuts.
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One man arrived home to find his wife in the act of taking poison, and another man, who had gone to Reno for divorce proceedings, immediately took a ’plane for New York to give any help he could to his wife
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Bharti Infratel, which raised $750 million in December inwhat was India's biggest IPO in two years, owns 42 percent ofIndus Towers, the world's biggest tower company by number oftelecommunication towers.
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Irish politician Pat Cox and former Polish PresidentAleksander Kwasniewski, who have shuttled in and out of Ukrainefor more than a year-and-a-half in an effort to nail down adeal, were expected in Kiev later on Tuesday.
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In a radio interview, Michoacan's interior minister, JaimeMares, declined to say who may have been behind the attacks inthe state, where clashes between the powerful Knights Templardrug cartel and rival gangs have sparked much violence.
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The permit is expected "to sell for at least $250,000, possibly up to $1 million. The Conservation Trust Fund for Namibia's Black Rhino will receive 100 percent of the sale price," said the statement.