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The experimental solubility data also differ from the literature data, normally measured at one, or two temperatures only
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There seems to be a terrible repetition compulsion with some of these drugs – like Bendectin – just brought back to the market – this not thalidomide was the drug used for nausea
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A PCO is still the best way to go to me
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Trade only: Long-acting inject- healthy susp (Sandostatin LAR) 10, 20, 30 mg
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However, a 2005 warning issued by Phenergan's maker, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, changed many people's comfort level with and about the medication.
If no end-point is reached, atropine (doses of 0.25 mg up to a maximum of 1 mg) is added
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GSK’s strategy to deal with Avodart’s US patent expiry gels well with its new focus on product volume to drive up sales rather than price
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The virus was gone after 6 weeks, and again after 12 weeks
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The interval between discontinuation of immunosuppressive drugs and HB vaccine may vary with the intensity of the immunosuppressive therapy, underlying disease and other factors.
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At 340 nm, samples with different concentrations of the drug in capsules and suspension showed a rectilinear relationship between absorbance intensity and the claimed concentration.
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